What is Included?

60-90 Minute Initial Consultation and a 30-Minute Follow-up
Online Portal with Ayurvedic Resources
Ayurvedic Ebook & Journal
Meditation Downloads
Special Access to Online Trainings

    1. What to Expect - Your Personalized Consultation

    2. Download Ayurvedic Client Intake

    3. Upload Ayurvedic Completed Client Intake

    4. Book an Appointment with Jasmine

    5. Upcoming Events, Trainings & Workshops

    1. Download Your FREE AYURVEDIC EBOOK

    2. Needs Values Assessment

    3. Wheel of Life Assessment

    4. Ayurvedic Journal

    1. Body Brushing

    2. Kitchari Recipe

    3. How to Make Ghee

    4. Oil Pulling

    5. Self-Oil Massage

    6. Warm Water Protocol

    7. So Hum Meditation

    1. So Hum Meditation - Recorded on the Beach

    2. Breath Work Practice Audio

    3. Loving Kindness Meditation

    4. Creating a Living to Intention

    1. Music & Sound Playlists

    2. Meditation App

    3. Food & Exercise Tracker

    1. Weight Loss Protocol Diet - Daily Schedule Sample

    2. Weight Loss Plan [Customise]

    3. Weight Loss Protocol

    4. Ayurvedic Recipe Book

    5. Spring and Fall Cleanse Protocol

About Your Consultations

  • $600.00
  • In Person or Zoom
  • 1:1 Consultations
  • Payment Plans Available

Be Guided on Your Health & Wellness Journey

Health Investment

I offer a variety of packages based on your needs! The initial consultation is $300 or you can combine it as a package for $600. More in-depth mentoring is $3500. I also offer a sliding scale for those in need.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Sessions

Individualized Lifestyle Plans

  • Uncover, redefine, align, and ignite your dharma (life’s purpose) in a systematic and organized way

  • Live a life empowered with Shakti, strength, and grace that manifests and attracts abundance

  • Discover acceptance, self-love, wholeness, and awakening

  • Learn to listen to your body; developing intuition to make embodied and healthy choices in your life

  • Have a customized fitness plan for strength, empowerment of the body, and mind o Meditate and learn to befriend the mind and direct awareness

  • Improve digestion, overall diet, skin health, and overall wellness

  • Practice yoga intelligently and live these practices in everyday life for the awakening the body, mind, and spirit

  • Feel good in your skin and find your ideal weight while developing a healthy relationship with your body image

  • Manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions o Increase energy, clarity, and vibrancy – glow with radiance from the inside out

  • Create more energy and inspiration for your relationships and your career path

Create Daily Practices

Re-create positive lifestyle habits for optimal wellness

Included in Your Wellness Package

  • Ayurvedic Ebook & Journal

  • Online Portal With Access to Ayurvedic Library

  • Personalized Wellness Plan & 1-1 Meetings

Book Your Initial Consultation

1-1 Personalized Health &
Wellness Plans for Living
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