Our Mission & Vision

Sacred Veda School of Healing is a collaborative wellness platform for teachers, guides, wellness practitioners, and healers to share their light with the world and to help people awaken their innate healing ability through science, ancient wisdom, and a reconnection with nature. 

We offer online and live classes, healing consultations, personal developmental courses, professional trainings, podcasts, international retreats, and resources aligned with the body's natural ability to heal itself. 

Courses • Trainings • Healing Sessions • Mentorship • Sacred Gatherings • Rituals
awakening body mind & sacred

  • Embody

    Embrace your personal practice and learn to teach others how to calm the mind to find peace and freedom. Everything you need is already within you!

  • Heal

    Become an energy healer and light worker for yourself and others. Connect with your healer within. You are more powerful than you know!

  • Learn

    Learn daily rituals and self-care steeped in ancient modalities for modern day wisdom. Be well - body, mind, & sacred!

  • Teach

    Be the light you wish to see in the world and teach from this place!

  • Transform

    In the process of embodiment, healing & learning to teach invite transformation into your life and others.

  • Empower

    Learn how to be your own healer and teach others how to access this wisdom.

Life as a Sacred Journey

Why are you here? That curiosity is your soul whispering to you.
Remember, you already embody divine light and love. Everything you need exists within you. Sometimes we need a little guidance along our path to unlocking our pure magnificence. Join us as you learn how to manifest the healthy, vibrant, and inspiring life you desire to live.

Life is a constant process of returning again and again back to our center, back to our heart, back to our true nature and wholeness. We invite you to explore the offerings of Sacred Veda School of Healing!

Choose Your Elemental Healing Journey

• Embody Your Practice • Connect with Sacred Wisdom • Embrace Your Healer Within •

Meet Your Guides, Teachers & Healers

Author & Ceremony Leader Kerry Hope

Kerry Hope (She/Her) creates healing workshops and retreats which allow participants to embody connection to Self, Nature, and Community. She is the founder of Sacred GEO Experiences, a Circle Leader through The Wild Woman Project, and facilitates Women’s Councils. Kerry leads and holds space for women to be open and authentic and process emotions in supportive, safe environments. Through her Women’s Councils, Kerry provides techniques and rituals for living healthy, connected lives within the seasons of the year and utilizes creativity for healing expression. Kerry creates an energetic, compassionate, and heart-centered space for everyone she encounters. Greeting each new day and person with optimism that she believes is the medicine for healing our world. She lives along the rural edges of the Geographical Center of Ohio with her two children, her partner, and three dogs.

Practitioner • Teacher • Guide • Healer Jasmine Astra-elle Grace

Hi, I am Jasmine Astra-elle Grace (Jyoti), and I am a yoga and meditation teacher, 200 and 300-hr yoga teacher trainer (e-500RYT, YACEP), Clinical Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (ADP, CAP), Panchakarma Specialist (PKS), business, health, and life coach, Ayurvedic instructor, international retreat leader, entrepreneur, mother, and lover of travel, and nature.

For over 25 years, I have been studying, practising, and teaching yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, and wellness modalities. I have travelled the world, guiding myself and many others on experiences to awaken self-love and rediscover the wholeness within. My passion and purpose are to provide sacred experiences and tools on this human journey and for us each to touch our already Divine essence. It is my light and offering to the world.

Practicing, training and teaching thousands of hours - I subtly blend the practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama, Reiki, sound, aromatherapy, psychology, iRest®, shadow work, Ayurveda and spirituality to create personal healing programs, yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, business mentorship, and international yoga retreats that help individuals align with the “Sacred Flow” of life.

I have managed, created, and owned wellness, yoga, and Ayurvedic training schools and personally and professionally trained hundreds of students on the path to health, self-discovery, and awareness. In addition to the years of teaching and leading communities, I have been devoted to a spiritual path of love and personal discovery, breaking family cycles and ancestral trauma for awakening. I deeply respect the nervous system, plant medicine, sacred rituals, the wisdom of nature, the power of breathwork, the body's ability to heal itself, and the journey to finding our inner guru within! Now is the time for us to realize our light!

Intuitive Strategist & Transformational Life Coach Dawn Thompson

Dawn Thompson is an Intuitive strategist, leader and transformational life coach. Located in Columbus, Ohio, her ability to transform a traumatic past and strong psychic abilities brought her to the path of helping others. A descendant of the Rose Lineage, she uses energy healing codes, ancient wisdom, and shamanic tools to guide others into their authentic life purpose. She is the founder of the New Era Academy, New Era Awakenings podcast, and facilitates intuitive guidance coaching. www.Dawn-Thompson.com


school of healing.

Self-inquiry is a gift to humanity
Show-up for you & be a light for others

"If you are ready step into the fullness of your life’s unlimited possibilities; doing this program is worth every minute of your investment. "

Dr. Sonia Taylor-Griffith

Working with Jasmine has proven to be one the best decisions that I have made in my in my professional career. Based on the depth of the work we did together, I was able to uncover the true desires that I had for my practice. We were able to systematically map out a program that was geared towards my success. I was able to recognize my true potential to take my practice to the next level and see the manifestation of the life I really wanted and deserved. If you are ready step into the fullness of your life’s unlimited possibilities; doing this program is worth every minute of your investment. Everyone should have a “Jasmine” at some point in their life – you won’t regret it!

"She has worked one on one with me every step of the way to help manifest my dreams into reality."

Jamie Bo

Working with Jasmine has been a life altering experience. She helped me create a business model that aligned with my true authentic self and visions I had for my business. She has worked one on one with me every step of the way to help manifest my dreams into reality.

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